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Price List
All prices are in U.S. dollars and are subject to change without notice.

There is an additional one time account setup fee of $20.00 for each email address you register at LetterClick. This covers creation of account and default BrandMail® format with setup of stationery graphics and signature(s). LetterClick offers a money back guarantee of satisfaction for 90 days after you register. Your setup fee and subscription fee are fully refundable during this period.

BrandMail® Services:
BrandMail® Monthly Subscription $9.95 / month
BrandMail® Annual Subscription $99.50 / year
Premium* BrandMail® Monthly Subscription $12.95 / year
Premium* BrandMail® Annual Subscription
$124.50 / month
Bulk E-mailings (no SPAM!) $0.02 / email
BrandMail® discounted for Non-profits $5.95 / month
BrandMail® discounted for Non-profits $79.50 / year
Account setup fee or Subscription transfer, per email address $20.00
* without LetterClick byline
BrandMail® format changes:
Update/reload logo or signature (first update free) $20.00
Add, move, change text layout or color $50.00
Logo/Graphic resize or reassemble elements $65.00
Custom BrandMail® layout design, install and testing $125.00
Email Campaign design/execution
Call 1-800-743-4985 for quote  

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