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We have optimized LetterClick to make it all happen through email! Our new BrandMail service is just like sending regular email! Each and every email you send outside your company is formatted into a professional, letter-like format that improves your company image and your professionalism in the eyes of the recipient.

BrandMail comes with LetterClick extra services that make it easy for you to generate other forms of correspondence, too, directly from email.

Send BrandMail to Bob
Let's say you want to send Bob Jones a business communication by email. It's simple:

  1. You send text email to Bob, just like you normally would. LetterClick does the rest.
  2. We transform the message you send into your BrandMail format with company identity, formatting, and your signature and contact info.
  3. We also send you a copy of the formatted message, though you can turn this feature off.

That's it! You can even turn off formatting for communications that are not business related. Or better yet, you can design and use a personal format that is easily selected for certain communications.

Send a Letter to Bob
Let's say you want to send Bob Jones a business letter by Fax. It's simple:

  1. Write your letter in your regular email program , type LETTER as the first word of your subject line, and send to Bob's normal email address. LetterClick does the rest.
  2. We get Bob's mailing address, compose the letter on your letterhead and immediately send you a proof by return email.
  3. You okay and return the email proof, we send the letter of by fax transmission. It looks just like it came from your desk, even down to the first class postage stamp.

That's it! Personal letters, faxes, note cards, and LetterClick enhanced email are all handled exactly the same way. Correspondence is produced with the stationery and fonts you select we even have handwriting fonts for that personal touch on personal letters and notes.

How to Begin
When you register, you will print a form that enables you to send samples of your business letterhead (or logo), envelope and signature. You can either mail them or upload digital files. We scan your hardcopy or use your digital files and store everything in encrypted form for security.

We set up your default BrandMail format and automatically set up a personal letterhead for you that you can customize on our Web site. Select everything, from the fonts to the color of the ink and paper!  Larger companies or those with HTML expertise can custom design and upload their BrandMail format.

Addresses, Addresses
You get your own private address book for Extra Service letters. You can upload your current address file or contact database, add people either at our Web site, or just send them an email! That's right. If Bob Jones wasn't in your address book, for instance, you would receive an email form to fill in. We then add Bob's information to your address book and send your message! Talk about convenient!

More Conveniences
You can use LetterClick from anywhere in the world to send ANY TYPE of correspondence to anyone, either through your regular email or through our Web site. No need to carry stationery and an address book with you!


Still have questions?
Check our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

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LetterClick transforms your email to Bob...

Into a fully formatted, signed letter on your letterhead!

YES! You can upload your existing address book no need to re-enter everything. LetterClick accepts popular address book formats! (We currently accept ACT! 2000 Zip backup, Outlook, and comma delimited ASCII files).


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