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What convenience!
With LetterClick, you type a simple text email – we turn it into a letter-like email or into a real letter that looks just like it came from your desk!

It is delivered for you by email or FAX. You get a standard company format for your BrandMail email format. For Extra Service LetterClick letters we use your actual letterhead and signature!

Great for sales people, professionals, and others in business
LetterClick makes it easy to make a first-rate impression for you and your company. For instance,

  • You've just finished a meeting with a hot prospect who asked for quotes in writing. Now you can send your follow-up email from your laptop at the hotel or airport easily and have a professional looking letter-like email containing the price quote information you gave verbally.
  • You just finished taking a customer's order, and want to thank them with a professional looking communication.
  • You want to keep your name in front of clients and customers but can't afford expensive promotional mailers. Every email you send with LetterClick BrandMail becomes a postitive, professional brand impressions for your company. LetterClick even has features for emailing a group or list of prospects a promotional or marketing letter.

Use LetterClick to send:

There's nothing to download or install. You use your regular email program!

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Branded Email!
You wouldn't send a business letter on blank paper. So why send plain email for your business communications? Now you can send email that looks just like a business letter or memo with NO MORE EFFORT than it takes to send plain email now! And it's very economical! With Brandmail each and every email you send improves your company's image and your professionalism.

Email and Faxed Letters
Send beautiful, electronically generated complete letters by email and faxes on your business letterhead or personal stationery– right from email. Use a wide font selection, including handwriting fonts, not transmittable by regular email.

Real Business & Personal Letters
Nothing beats the impression of a letter you can hold in your hand. You can now send printed business AND personal letters, as easily as sending email. You just type the email – we compose, print and mail your letter for you. (Future Service)

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