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What email programs does LetterClick work with?
LetterClick works with most email programs. You can send LetterClick BrandMail or Extra Service email letters to virtually anyone who has email. Most people will see your BrandMail or letter right in their inbox. For Extra Service letters, certain others will receive a link to a private Web page that displays your correspondence.

Can someone reply to my LetterClick email?
Yes. When you send LetterClick enhanced email, your email address is the reply address, just as it is when you send plain email directly.

Can I really use my actual letterhead?
Yes, your actual business letterhead. When you sign up, you either send us one copy of your business letterhead and envelope to scan and digitize, or you can upload the original graphic files if you have them. That's what we use for your business letterhead.

For your personal stationery, you select and customize a design on the LetterClick Web site after you sign up.

What stationery designs can be reproduced?
There are some practical limitations to what we can reproduce. Basically, anything that can be printed CMYK is fine.

We can not accurately reproduce foils or other metallic colors, embossing or diecutting, though you will likely be pleased with our digital approximation. If your letterhead is engraved or has other raised print, the color will be reproduced, but it won't be raised.

For the very best quality and color matching, have the designer who created your letterhead prepare the digital files to be uploaded according to the file guidelines. You may even have your designer prepare a custom HTML template according to our standards for your BrandMail layout, if you don't wish to use our default format. (If you don't have access to your original digital files, it is best to mail in a good sample of your letterhead and envelope rather than scanning it yourself and uploading your scan files. Our scanners are very high resolution and are color synched with our printers.)

When sending printed hardcopy, make sure you send the best examples you have. Color and quality varies from piece to piece, and we can only reproduce the quality of what you send!

What about quality?
We use only premium papers for letters, notes, and envelopes. Then we print your correspondence using state-of-the-art digital printing equipment for the best result. Faxes are electronically generated so they are crisper and sharper than faxes sent using a fax machine.

Does any advertising show on my correspondence?
If you have received LetterClick BrandMail or one of our emailed Extra Service letters from anyone, you may have noticed a tasteful, and discrete link to this site that appears at the bottom. In fact, that may be how you got here. That link only appears on email and needs not be present on BrandMail formats that you design yourself. Also, any correspondence that you send with LetterClick Extra Services, including faxes and printed letters sent by mail or express delivery looks just like it came from your desk. Everything carries your return address, uses your letterhead or your choice of note and card designs, and the email link is NOT included. We even use actual stamps on first class mail.

Can I send attachments?

In short, yes. BrandMail and LetterClick Extra Service email letters can have attachments just like normal email. At this time, if your correspondence is to be faxed or printed for delivery, an attachment is is not permitted.

What file formats can attachments be?
For messages delivered by email, any file format is fine.

How do I control my account?
You set up and control everything through this Web site. When you log in, you have private access to everything: your stationery layouts and designs, your address book, your correspondence logs, and so forth. You can also send correspondence from the Web as an alternative to using email.

Please note that for all of the features on our LetterClick Web site to function, you need a browser that supports JavaScript, and it must be enabled. (Note that JavaScript is different than Java; it doesn't matter for LetterClick whether Java is enabled or not). All recent browsers support JavaScript, and it is enabled by default. To check that, in the Netscape browser, select Preferences... on the Edit menu. Click Advanced and make sure that Enable JavaScript is checked. Internet Explorer calls it "Active Scripting." In the Tools menu select Internet Options... Click the Security tab. If the Default Level button is grayed out, you're all set. If it isn't, click the Custom Level button, scroll down to Scripting, and make sure Enable is selected under Active scripting.


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