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More information about our services Pretty much all the information about BrandMail® is found here at our web site and can be accessed from our home page. If you can not find the information you need there, send a message here, please address your question to more_info@hq.letterclick.com. Customer Support for BrandMail® subscribers Please check the BrandMail® User's Guide, BrandMail® Connection Guide and the LetterClick Knowledgebase found at help.letterclick.com for answers to common questions/issues that you may be able to resolve most quickly and effectively yourself without waiting in our support queues. If these documents do not address your need, contact customer support by email help@letterclick.com or by phone at (800) 743-4985.

In order to keep our costs low and prices reasonable, BrandMail® support is provided primarily by email and voicemail with phone appointments made for problems that cannot be resolved by initial email communication or for initial connection setup. In general, you will receive email response to your support inquiry within 24 hours. To place an order Existing customers that want to add additional BrandMail® accounts for their business can do so most conveniently by logging into their account from our home page and then using the link under Order More BrandMail®. Or they may register without login by filling in information for the new accounts at www.letterclick.com/register and at the company information page (third page in sequence), you may submit the email address of the master account of your company to automatically copy most registration information and link payment for the new account to the master account.

New customers may directly place your order for individual subscriptions to BrandMail® by registering at www.letterclick.net/register. For assistance with orders for more than 10 individual subscriptions or with pre-sales questions, please contact Sales by email sales@letterclick.com or by phone at (800) 743-4985. Investor & Corporate Matters investor_info@hq.letterclick.com

Letter Services, Inc.
45 Main Street,
Suite 309-#122,
Brooklyn NY 11201
(415) 259-0115
(800) 743-4985 Partnerships and alliances LetterClick offers Affiliate and Reseller programs where you can make money referring customers or selling BrandMail® service through your web site or otherwise. You receive a special URL and tracking link to our website, and your referrals and sales are tracked electronically.

For information about and sign-up for our Affiliate referral program and commissions, click here. For further questions, or information on our full reseller program please contact us at our headquarters, above, or email partners@hq.letterclick.com. Other If you want to contact us about something other than the choices above, please write to info@hq.letterclick.com.

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